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This 2-in-1 system can help you maximize your profits with Total Life Changes using the Retail to Recruit Strategy. With our responsive design that is compatible with all smart phones and tables, your customers can view and purchase products from your website no matter what device they are using.

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Responsive Design

Branded to You

Increase sales and conversions by branding your website with your picture, video and social media links.

Add Your Picture & Video

Brand yourself to your iLost5in5.com system by adding a picture of yourself and/or even a testimonial video to show your results.

Connects to Your TLC Website

Prospects can learn about the opportunity and join your TLC business on your website. Links are connected directly to your TLC link.

Connected to Social Media

Customers can connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube and Pinterest.


Make the system your own by choosing which products you want to market. You can even set your own pricing.

Choose Products You Want to Market*

Our system makes it easy to choose which products you would like to market on your e-commerce website. Just choose yes or no and you're done.

Set Your Own Pricing*

Set your own pricing and shipping/handling for the products you want to market. If you're not sure, default pricing as already been added.

Add Custom Kits*

Don't see a kit you want to market. You can add up to 5 custom kits to market on your website. Set the name, price, shipping and description.

PayPal Version

With the PayPal version, you have complete control of your TLC business. When customers purchase from your website, you receive money instantly. You choose which products you want to market and you can change the default pricing.

  • Customers Sent to PayPal
  • You Ship the Products
  • You Get Paid Through PayPal

TLC Version

Don't want the hassle of shipping products? The TLC version sends your customers straight to your TLC website to purchase. Each product links directly to the shopping cart for a speedy checkout. TLC will ship the products for you and you will receive your commission from TLC.

  • Customers Sent to Your TLC Shoppinc Cart
  • TLC Ships the Products
  • Paid Commission Through TLC


Choose which plan works for your budget.



Affordable Month Payment


Save 16% by paying 6 months in advance


Best Value. Save 30% by paying for the year.


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