Envidia Regeneration Serum

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Rebuild your skin and the damage caused by age and environmental with cell signaling molecules called growth factors! Envidia™ is formulated with patented human growth factor technology which includes: growth factors, cytokines, chaperone proteins, peptides and other active ingredients.

This patented formula of bio active materials is intended to help revitalize the skin and promote a firmer, younger looking complexion.

This serum is designed to naturally accelerate the skin's renewal process by providing the damaged skin cells with the necessary components of healthy, youthful skin. By supporting collogen synthesis, Envidia™ may greatly improve the elasticity of the skin and the appearance of smoother skin.

Dr. Luis Romero has been studying stem cell research since 2000. He has forty-five years of medical experience. He is a Cardiologist and Clinical Pharmacologist, with a Post-Graduate degree from Harvard University and the University of Massachusetts.

Dr. Romero specializes in research of stem cells. He summarized the science behind growth factor technology and explained why TLC’s newest skin care serum Envidia is sure to create envy in the industry, while helping thousands and thousands of families improve their skin conditions. From wrinkles to fine lines, to age and sun spots, Envidia is expected to repair damaged skin by way of growth factor technology.