Iaso™ Nutraburst

Includes: 1 Bottle (16 oz)
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This whole food, liquid formula concentrate is packed with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals in just a single tablespoon. Nutrients are most useful when they’re completely absorbed into your bloodstream. Studies reveal that only 10-20% of the nutrients in pills or tablets are absorbed into the body compared to 98% of our liquid formula. So put back the pills and absorb up to 88% more nutrients with Iaso™ NutraBurst™. Your health comes first with NutraBurst™.

72 minerals, 12 herbs, 19 amino acids, 22 Phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables, 13 whole food greens, antioxidants, ellagic acid and a multi-fiber complex...

Yep. It's in there.